About Me

Boi Ngoc Mentor is a new venture to me. I always feel natural to motivate and direct people the right path. One of my ex-boyfriends from being jobless and depressed to being self-confident and making 700,000USD after 2 years being mentored by me. Most of my friends and piano students ask me for direction and I guided them through it all. I have a natural ability to encourage, motivate, direct and guide people in my life through their challenges.

Therefore, I am here to help you. This is my gift that I want to serve, as a hobby, and also a mission.

Mentoring Rates

I am currently in Vietnam and will be taking bookings from October 2022.


for the first 20 members

Targeted Customer

Suitable for beginners who are still in the self-exploring journey and want to improve confidence, mindset and character